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D2-55 not working anymore

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My boat is back in the water after 3 months.
I started the engine and it ran but not smoothly.
I added some power but after a while it would run da badly that I turned it off.
Before I retry i wanted to know if there’s anything obvious I should check so I don’t run a chance of severely breaking something?

I noticed one odd thing: at the top of the engine at the lid, there’s cooling liquid dripping. When I loosened the lid of the cooling liquid expansion tank (level was between min and max), cooling fluid would be pressed out.

Also attached an image. If I open the marked lid, cooling fluid will come out as if being pushed by force.

Mkay….so the engine not running was me not priming it.
The coolant dripping though…?

Do you have anymore pictures? I don't like the look of the oil seeping out around the head. Maybe someone more experienced could give advice, but it doesn't look right to me.

There's no oil seeping. It's sweating a bit, but that's ok given its age.

The only d2/55 that I have used was on a Beneteau 411 .It had a manual pull engine stop control. If the engine stop was not FULLY pushed back in the engine huffed and puffed like crazy. Geoff


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