Author Topic: Skeg fixture in hull contructiion  (Read 891 times)


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Skeg fixture in hull contructiion
« on: May 26 2023, 00:36 »
I have a Bavaria 47 Ocean, Yr 2000. What is the composition of the mortar anchoring the skeg, (aka P bracket, stem), shaft support into the hull. The skeg appears glassed in and fixed with 2 pins through the top, in a dome of mortar, then fibre glassed over. The mortar looks like, but doesn't appear to be concrete, not as brittle and stronger. Maybe epoxy or fibre glass mix?


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Re: Skeg fixture in hull contructiion
« Reply #1 on: May 26 2023, 09:31 »
That is a pretty standard way of securing a P bracket into the hull. Don't know the exact details of the filler in the laminate but it definitely won't be concrete but probably a polyester based filler compatible with the GRP layup.