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corner fairleads


 For Med style stern to mooring  am wondering if fitting corner fairleads to the teak  cap rail. t might hold the boat better in a blow and stop-  snaking  when the angle is wider using the existing line taken from the aft  cleats. Has any  done this and if so  what was the result?

We park bow-to. With a center cockpit, there's no big convenience boost from going stern-to and when bows-to you get more privacy and a quieter (aft) bedroom. And a better angle to the pontoon cleats ;-)

A nice boarding ladder on the front helps though. The pulpit is already lowered and features a step to make it easy to get in/out.

If fitting fairleads, consider the loads - they need to be sturdy enough and bolted through with backing plates, like the mooring cleats are. Walking around marinas, you see plenty of bent/torn out ones that were undersized or not bolted through.

Going  stern to  the jetty/quay is a doddle compared with my  previous boat with an offset prop shaft and a large folding prop. I have an adjustable height,  wide passerelle  which  makes getting on board with bags of groceries very easy. Climbing over the pullpit  - even though  it is divided is scary and agony given my decrepidity.
But going back  to  my post I have seen corner fairleads at 100 /110 & 120 degrees  so  wondered if anyone had fitted one and what kind with what results. While backing or spreading plates might be necessary the loadings would mostly be taken on the cleats.

We have corner fairleads as a standard on our B46, but we fitted additional ones for tieing up for the winter period, due to violent winter storms gusting up to 50 - 60 knots. Works pretty good, but is impractical, if you need to climb over the passarelle, so we only use this in winter, when nobody is on board.  The new fairleads are made from casted stainless steel, and bolted through deck using backing plates. They are mounted with M6 bolts, which seem a little weak to me, but everything is OK at the moment. See photo attached.

I like your set up - looks good for winter berthing. 


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