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Solar panel Bavaria 41 cruiser


I'm looking for advice on installing a solar panel on my Bavaria 41 Cruiser from 2019. My intention is to install a semi flexible panel in front of the spray hood, where the garage roof is, and where the hatch slides into. My question is how to run the cable into the boat and to the battery bank. I have explored potential routes under the roof with an endoscope camera, through cabin lights holes, but didn’t succeed in finding any duct or counduit to slip the cable through. Any help, ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

I wanted to do the same thing on my Cruiser 37, but also couldn't find a means of hiding the wiring!  Let me know if you find a solution!

I gave away of installing solar panel on sprey hood because boom or sail make shade on spray hood on my boat. Even partial shade significantly decrease production of electricity.

I have a small fixed 30W panel on the garage for battery top up and a  folding 100W for on moorings. They connect to a 'Y' joint and then I routed the cables under the sprayhood and fitted a deck gland  routing the cables down to the heads under which has a removeable panel in the ceiling. From there I could not find any route down to under the sink area where I could then easily take the cables into the cabin and the controller. The solution was to run the cables into the thinist section white plastic electrical conduit that they would fit into. I afixed the conduit to the inside of the door surround using white Sika. The cables enter the conduit at top of door frame from the cavity above the ceiling, and exit at bottom of the door frame into the space under sink. You have to look very closely to see the difference between the white conduit against the frame compared with the normal white sealant. Perhaps you can do someting similar.


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