Author Topic: How to work defroster vents  (Read 2566 times)

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How to work defroster vents
« on: December 24 2020, 01:34 »

I am a new owner of Bavaria E40 sedan. I canmot turn on window defroster vents and do not know what elae to try. I have heat on helm button on with green ligjt and turm on A/C panel to heat and heat comes out of vents eveywhere but the vents for windows. Do you know if there is a switch in engime panel that I need to turn or somewhere else to turm on these specific vents? On the water now and it is dark and foggy. A quick reply would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: How to work defroster vents
« Reply #1 on: October 17 2022, 13:52 »
I know it's an old topic, but the window defroster switch is located to the left of the AC plug on the cabinet housing the TV.