Author Topic: Solar Panel via Portable Power Station (Ecoflow)  (Read 257 times)


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Hi all

I am using a portable power station (Ecoflow River Pro/ similar brand) to power up my coffee maker etc. and as standby power supply on my boat (Bavaria 42)  (in addition to the boat's typical 12V batteries - house battery set and engine starter set).

I plan to connect a new flexible solar panel to the the portable power station which then connects to my 12V house battery (which is now charged by the boat's diesel engine and is charged from there when it is on) so that I can still have 'continuous power for refrigerator etc. via the 12V house battery even when my engine is off. The set up is just like the figure 1 configuration  (engine start battery is separate).

Based on my plan, the portable power station (ecoflow river pro) will serve as (1) the mppt controller and (2) the first line backup power to charge the 12V house battery.

My question is - Can the 12V house battery connected simultaneously to BOTH (1) diesel engine and (2) the portable power station (ecoflow river pro) even WHEN the engine is running ? Any danger to damage the portable power station (ecoflow river pro) and/ or solar panel? Any extra fire risk?

Thanks for your comments in advance.


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Re: Solar Panel via Portable Power Station (Ecoflow)
« Reply #1 on: May 23 2022, 16:29 »
You should consult the manual for your power station to answer your questions.
In my opinion such a power station does not make really sense, because the 720Wh (if full) will give your house battery an additional amount of 60Ah of energy (compared with the standard house bank size of 140Ah).
Due to the fact that the power station contains Li-Ion cells i would assume that the risk of fire is higher compared with lead or lifepo4 cells.
I would go with a standard mppt-charger for the solar panels and an inverter capable for the needed power. If necessary, i would add another battery to the house bank.