Author Topic: shower drainage & access below shower tray  (Read 260 times)

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shower drainage & access below shower tray
« on: May 23 2022, 06:31 »
Suggestions please- The forward shower on our Bav 38 Holiday 1997 has become self draining. This means there is an issue with the drainage hose under the shower tray , as all the shower water must be draining into the inaccessible area underneath the forward shower.  SO this area needs to be accessed to inspect.  Problem is there appears no way to do that.  Surely Bavaria designed a method to access & maintain this part of the boat?  But perhaps they didn't? Even removing the shower drain grille/ fitting seems a problem?


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Re: shower drainage & access below shower tray
« Reply #1 on: May 23 2022, 07:39 »
Seems to be the same problem as on my B46/2005.
In my case there was no access to the void between hull and shower tray.
Inspected the area with an endoscopic camera (USB Camera with light).
The drain fitting was leaking at the rubber seal between the shower tray (grp) and the fitting itself due to loosening the central screw in the drain grille. Gave the screw an extra turn to press the rubber fitting, and the leak stopped. So i didn't need to get access, which in my opinion is a pretty mission impossible.


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Re: shower drainage & access below shower tray
« Reply #2 on: May 23 2022, 09:29 »
On our 40 Ocean the underside is pretty much inaccessible. The drain fitting however comes out and you can pull the hose out a bit with it, so hose clamp can be accessed and leaks around the fitting sealed. Never had to get underneath. If I did, I would probably have to cut the floor of the moulded bathroom along the edges and hope it's not glued down! :)
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Re: shower drainage & access below shower tray
« Reply #3 on: June 23 2022, 15:51 »
Timely discussion; thank you!

We too are having a problem with the drain on our 38 Ocean.  After rebuilding the sump pump and replacing the filter, it now appears that I need to snake the drain, end to end.

Based on the comments above, it appears that I need to manually drain the tab and then I can disconnect the drain fitting in the GRP tub floor and the whole thing should lift out, at which point I can disconnect the drain elbow from the hose and run a snake through it to clear any debris??


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Re: shower drainage & access below shower tray
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 13:44 »
Our Cruiser 40 was ordered late 2008, the demo boat viewed at the Sydney Boat Show had a shower in the forward heads. The vessel delivered Jan 2009 did not have a shower in the forward heads. When this was raised, We were advised at the time by the local Agent "you must be mistaken", however photographic evidence taken on the boat in Sydney proved otherwise! As the boat was delivered to Adelaide and the agent was in Sydney, they agreed t send all of the parts required for me to fit. Too easy I thought. That was until I looked at trying to reach in through the cupboard in the heads and under the floor. We have a spare tap with hose and shower sump pump!

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