Author Topic: Claiming your UK SSR registration - Documents required  (Read 1219 times)


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For those of you on the UK SSR - just in case you have missed the email the "Small Ships Register" is being Digitised and if you already have your Boat registered with the SSR it will NOT be automatically transferred to the new database -  YOU MUST MAKE AN ACCOUNT AND CLAIM your registration.

The new SSR website is here:-
you will need several documents to make a claim:-
your original SSR certificate - Photo or PDF
Your Passport or Driving Licence - Photo or PDF
Your Boats purchase invoice - must be in your name OR a valid Certificate of Insurance for your boat and/or a "Declaration of Eligibility"

this last one got me stumped for a while as I had the documents but they were on the boat and a couple of hours away....

The Eligibility Declaration requires a form that is only referenced in the youtube video about the process -
Form MSF4731 - this can be downloaded from HERE:-

best of luck - I am still waiting for the process to be finalised by the SSR team....


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Re: Claiming your UK SSR registration - Documents required
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Just wanted to say thanks.
The first really useful piece of information I've ever had off of one of these sites