Author Topic: Bavaria Sport 37 different models  (Read 2624 times)


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Bavaria Sport 37 different models
« on: January 31 2022, 19:27 »
Dear Forum

We currently have a Bavaria Sport 34 from 2003 - we are really happy with the boat, but would like a little more space. One of the things that we REALLY like with the 34 is the huge bathing platform - we really enjoy it, and it has space for table and chairs...

Searching for Bavara 37 Sport around 2007 we find 2 different layouts. One with a smaller bathing platform and only 3 windows to lower cabins, and another type with 6 windows to lower cabins. the one with 6 windows to lower cabins have a large seating aera in the rear and a small sofa area port front.
In general we see that the one with the larger bathing platform are usually equipped with gasoline engines, where the model with the smaller bathing platform are usually with Diesel.
Wondering if anybody can share light on why there are these 2 different versions and why one is with gasoline and the other with diesel?
New to the forum, I woul like to share some photos of the versions but not sure how to do so...
Thanks for your help.

Best from Soren - Denmark