Author Topic: Bavaria Cruiser vs Bavaria Holiday  (Read 1062 times)


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Bavaria Cruiser vs Bavaria Holiday
« on: September 18 2021, 20:54 »
What are the differences between Bavarian "Cruiser" and "Holiday" models?
I cannot find any description on Bavarian's home page.


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Re: Bavaria Cruiser vs Bavaria Holiday
« Reply #1 on: September 19 2021, 09:10 »
The "Holiday" label was used in the mid to late 90s to describe the "charter" version which usually meant 2 aft cabins rather than the normal 1. Standard specifications were also simpler. Around 1998/9 this name was dropped and the distinction between owner models and charter disappeared. Although the term "Cruiser" was generally used it only formally became part of the name around 2006 when the Vision range came in.

Bavaria 46

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Re: Bavaria Cruiser vs Bavaria Holiday
« Reply #2 on: May 08 2022, 01:43 »
We have a Bavaria 46 Holiday, build in late 2008. It is one of the last boats build in this Cruiser style. For me it seems that they have been sold originally for a lower price, compared to a "classic" Bavaria 46 Cruiser, which is some months older. From the outside the Holiday version shows a grey stripe on the hull, compared to the typical blue. Inside we identified two differences: 1. The front fresh water tank is missing. 2. In the aft bathroom the shower is not installed. As we have seen some used Bavaria 46 before buying, we are quite certain that these are the differences.....