Author Topic: LED replacement for G4 halogen bulbs  (Read 17534 times)


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LED replacement for G4 halogen bulbs
« on: December 31 2018, 23:12 »
As an LED geek I didn’t want to replace the G4 halogen bulbs used on the ceiling fixtures with just any LED  “drop in replacement” off eBay/Amazon.

I found a manufacturer with tight specs on color temperature (I like warm white), high lumens per watt (save the batteries at anchor!), great thermal management and a form factor that fits the ceiling fixtures.  That said...I had to buy 100pcs to get them to sell to me.

I’ve had them installed now for approximately five years now and they are still as bright as new with not one failure.
If you are interested email me at

$10USD each.

Thanks and happy boating.