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New Forum: Group Buys


I have created a new forum: Group Buys (in the For Sale and Suppliers section), see here:

This new forum is a dedicated area for members to offer items that they can buy more cheaply when buying in bulk quantities, and to offer these items to other members at a proportion of the cost. While reasonable expenses are expected (such as import duty, VAT, postage, collection costs) this is not the place to sell your items at a profit.

The standard format is like this:

Member offers items for Group Buy and requests replies stating quantity. No firm commitment at this stage.
   Other members reply to the thread stating interest by putting their Member ID and Quantity in their reply.
   Original member states the Group Buy is going ahead in 24 hours, listing all IDs from the replies above.
   Members have 24 hours to opt out by replying to the thread AND sending the original member a PM.

I have started the ball rolling with an offer regarding the switches in many Bavaria light fittings.


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