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Looking at your numbers it makes sense. The 12m is the total for both sides.
From old order confirmation notes: I ordered and installed 2 x 6m of 8mm Glestein Tasmania (red + green) for our traveller (Bavaria 40, but older vintage 2001)

Newer model may hava wider deck / wider traveller + longer distance from traveller to cockpit, but still 12m vs 6m... Could it be that 12m is enough for both port & stbd traveller lines?

but if your traveller line routing involves a 180 degree turn from traveller to deck deflector / organizer and back to clutches, then I can easily see 12m / side?

Mods I made:
- eye splice at traveller end instead of knot, less friction due to missing protuding knot-end
- 10mm->8mm = less friction
- next plan: cam-cleats next to companionway instead of using old traveller end cleats.


s/y Anniina

Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Deck construction
« Last post by Rappitysnap on Today at 08:32 »
I heard somewhere that there was no balsa core or plywood used on the decks. I was hoping to verify that. That’s good to hear.
I'm about to order a new line to operate the traveller on my Bav 40. But I'm questioning the measurements I was given...12 meters?
If I do the math:
1m from cockpit to traveller + 1m back + 1m extra on each side = 4m
Width of traveller approximately 1m (?), line goes back and forth 4 times = 4m
Total 8m but not 12m.

Obviously, I don't want to come back to the boat and find that it's too short but I don't feel like spending money on 4m of extra line I don't have use for.

Is 12m reasonable? Or (way) too much?

By the way: I was planning to go for a Liros Herkules 10mm
if it is a 17x11 LH  i would like to have it for 450

Please sent me a picture from both numbers located on the shaft and on the blades
Thanks. I am on the boat next week so I will see if I can make the adjustments. It seems it must be just my problem as nobody else has mentioned that they have the same issue - so with luck I can correct the situation. Cheers
What size is the prop?
What’s size boat?
What engine?
What’s your location?
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Bavaria 40: Loud fresh water pump
« Last post by Clivert on Yesterday at 16:37 »
I looked on ebay r/c model car parts came across Rubbergiant who supply all sorts of bits.
They are simply a round rubber block ( like miniature car engine mount)  with varying size bolts at either end.
I am waiting for my new pump to arrive later in the week so obviously not fitted yet.
When i have it all fitted I'll record the noise level and hopefully have some pics.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Air filter D1-20 replacement
« Last post by Yngmar on Yesterday at 13:06 »
I'd just fit another type then. Whatever you can get cheap and easy and has the right diameter to fit on the engine air inlet (where the big black Volvo hood is fitted). Absolutely fine to extend it with some exhaust hose (= heat resistant) if there are space issues.

Or do this:
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Air filter D1-20 replacement
« Last post by paulemeier1 on Yesterday at 12:33 »
there is a pdf somewhere in the www. shown to open it an replace the filter to a new one. the close again.
planing to do with an older part. looking forward for tips here also
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