Have u replaced your Seacocks?

yes, as preventive w/o noticeable issues. pls specify age.
9 (16.7%)
yes, due to problems. pls specify age.
8 (14.8%)
no, boat is 10 yrs or less
17 (31.5%)
no, boat > 10 yrs
20 (37%)

Total Members Voted: 54

Author Topic: SEACOCK REPLACEMENT  (Read 2067 times)


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« on: March 18 2014, 18:19 »
Common and a hot topic! Seacocks!!!!

Also keen to find out if anyone has changed their saildrive seacock. Valve gets very stiff very early (5yrs).


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« Reply #1 on: April 06 2014, 10:52 »

Figaro (B34 / 2001) is 13 y/o but seacocks appear to be in OK condition except for the raw water inlet. This was changed in January when I had the diaphragm replaced.





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« Reply #2 on: October 24 2016, 13:56 »
Something to look out for with regard to seacocks....

I had to replace both my head holding tank outlet seacocks after only 2 years this summer. Seems Bavaria selected seacocks which are mixed metal; I think a stainless ball valve inside a brass casing, which resulted in corrosion of the ball valve and it stuck open. The stem sheared off and for a while I did not notice since I thought I had the seacock shut to avoid sending black water out of the holding tanks. I was then baffled that the holding tanks did not seem to be filling up very quickly !! 

The valve handle would still move through 90 degrees but obviously inside the seacock the ball valve was not moving so they were stuck open.

My apologies to all those in the anchorages I visited last Winter and Spring !!

.........I have now had them replaced with all bronze types.
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« Reply #3 on: October 24 2016, 14:36 »
Yes, all of them and their through-hulls and tailpipes, 15 years old. Surveyor found one seized closed, one was stuck half-open with the handle turning (so it appeared to be closed until removed) and the worst through-hull was about 50% pink. All passed hammer test. I've replaced them with Tru-Design glass reinforced nylon ones with the optional load bearing collars, mounted on spacers cut from HDPE.

I've lightly sanded and coppercoated the through-hulls all the way up to the ball and exercise them monthly. Very happy so far, glad I've done it (the insurance wanted it anyways), and they will never corrode and are immune to pouring acid or drain unblocker down the toilet if required.

The saildrive one I've replaced with a normal DZR one matching the original (except not of plated brass).

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« Reply #4 on: November 02 2016, 14:47 »
Replaced heads inlet/outlet throughulls and seackocks to bronze as described here: http://www.sylyra.com/seacocks_e.php
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« Reply #5 on: July 02 2018, 15:12 »
Replaced the four fittings in the heads with Tru-Design valves and skin fittings. Bit of a tight fit on a B36(2002) resulting in having to fit the hose tails to the valves before fitting the valves to the skin fittings which were fitted last because of lack of space to turn the valves and with the skin fittings being screwed up from the outside before final tightening of the inner nut. Yes, I know that sounds a bit cockeyed, but there simply wasn’t enough space to do it the logical way. The old sea valves and skin fittings were starting to turn pink, but it was corrosion of the mild steel handles fitted to the old valves combined with their approaching sixteen years of age, and this thread, that prompted the change. Job was carried out during the over winter period ashore 2017/18. In general I’d say that the old valves and skin fittings would likely have lasted another two or three years. Next winter I’ll change the galley outlets with the same make of fittings which are already held in readiness for that job.
Because of the difficulties of the installation on a 36 with forward heads and three sleeping cabins, it could be worthwhile looking for fittings with less bulk than the Tru-Design fittings.


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« Reply #6 on: July 03 2018, 22:28 »
Bavaria 41 exclusive 1998 all the orginal was working but the seacocks was not so good and one was sezied. The thru hull fittings was fine, but change everyting with True-design.
Have two left from the galley, but they will be changed next year.