Author Topic: Prop for MD22L with a 130 Saildrive on BAV 38 Ocean  (Read 336 times)


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Prop for MD22L with a 130 Saildrive on BAV 38 Ocean
« on: January 14 2020, 21:22 »
We are replacing our 120SE saildrive with a new 130.  I understand that the 130 has a different gear ratio and as such I am curious what prop works best for this boat, this engine and the new saildrive.  Also, we're curious whether this new saildrive has the same spline and if it makes sense to keep the old prop as an emergency spare?

Tanks in advance!

Jeff & Sue
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Re: Prop for MD22L with a 130 Saildrive on BAV 38 Ocean
« Reply #1 on: January 14 2020, 23:55 »
You need to know exactly which version of the 120 and 130 you have and what the gear ratios are. Do not guess but get whoever is fitting the new drive to check this and then calculate the appropriate propeller size. All the information is available from Volvo about the gear ratios for different versions of the drives in their service publication 7745608 - 12-2006. Remember you are paying a lot of money for this work and it is the responsibility of the provider to fit the correct parts.

However, I am pretty sure that the correct drives for your MD22 will have the same ratio of 2.20 (or 2.19) so I do not think you will need a new propeller. My calculations using the Vicprop programme suggest this is probably a 17*11 3 blade if it is a standard Volvo fixed blade.

The different ratios only applied to drives for the smaller MD20x0 and D1/D2 engines where the newer engines maximum revs are 3200 rather than 3600 and the gear ratio was changed to keep the shaft speed the same. So the 120 was 2.47 for the earlier engines and the 130 2.19 for the later ones so that the shaft speed is virtually the same at approx 1460. This only presents a problem if you fit a 130 to an older engine as I did which meant the shaft speed went up to 1640 so we reduced the pitch by 1".

The spline is exactly the same and props are physically interchangeable. The only physical difference at the bottom end is the anode which on the 130 is bigger and split making it easier to change, as well as lasting longer. If you have a Stripper rope cutter fitted you will need to get that modified as the location point for the fixed cutter is different.

Hope this helps


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Re: Prop for MD22L with a 130 Saildrive on BAV 38 Ocean
« Reply #2 on: January 17 2020, 22:55 »
For those that are curious, when replacing a Volvo 120SE saildrive on a Volvo MD22L, not only does one need the new core 130 saildrive, you will also need mounting and adapting hardware. 

So far, this includes:

a new clutch/ adapter plate (3581526)   $489.11
spline sleeve shaft (3843112) $305.24
cover plate/ mounting kit for under the boat will probably need to be replaced  (22303438)  $122.50

Total $916.85 at (with free shipping).

I'm pretty sure there will be a new prop at some point and anodes as well.