Author Topic: Anyone Recognize and/or Know How to Repair this Old Bavaria 1060 Furler?  (Read 604 times)


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Dear all!
I was hoping someone of you guys might help.
We have a cracked aluminum furler foil near the bottom of the furler.
Due to crack, the aluminum foil is split in two and not turning with the drum.
When you roll the furler, only drum and the part below the crack is spinning. We need to join it with the disconnected upper part so everything spins together.
We managed to join it with a piece of thin metal plate and an adhesive paste, but since we are rerigging the boat I would like to properly repair it.
The problem is I dont know the make of the furler system. There are no marks whatsoever.

It is old (1985) Bavaria 1060.

Is there anyone familiar with this furler and how to repair this?

Any help is much appreciated.
Fair winds!
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