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Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Circuit Breaker Delays
« Last post by Jeff Jones on Yesterday at 21:33 »
Have you checked their pdf catalog...

see if you can identify the breaker your looking for
I have the same model. Mine came fitted with a stainless holding tank when the boat came to me some 5 years ago. There were a couple of pinhole leaks in it, Yuk so I had another plastic tank made that fitted in the same location. This is in the engine compartment above the engine. I'm not at the boat till April so cannot give any dimensions etc but if you have any questions then ask away
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: MD22L exhaust elbow check it!
« Last post by Salty on Yesterday at 18:07 »
Precisely because I was concerned about exhaust temperature issues, and particularly after replacing a corroded Volvo silencer with a cheap plastic replacement, I fitted an exhaust temperature monitor. The sensor for this is located through the wall of the exhaust hose about a foot or so (300mm) downstream from the exhaust injection bend, while the display is located within the panel on the binnacle. It gives great peace of mind knowing and seeing that the cooling water is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing, and where the display remains in continuous operation all the while the engine is switched on. The display has a user adjustable audible and visual alarm so that it can be set to whatever level the user chooses within the range of the instrument.
Modifications & Equipment / Re: 2006 BAV39 Seacock Handle
« Last post by Symphony on Yesterday at 15:00 »
3/4" for inlet and 1 1/2" for outlet is pretty universal and all Bavarias use them. 2" is sometimes recommended for outlets for gravity holding tanks. but they are so large it is rarely possible to find room to fit them. 1" is sometimes used for holding tank systems that use a macerator pump as the outlets for the pump is commonly that size.
Modifications & Equipment / Re: 2006 BAV39 Seacock Handle
« Last post by Yngmar on Yesterday at 14:30 »
Same as Salty's boat, on ours the shower/sink/etc seacocks are 0.75" and the poop outlets 1.5".
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: MD22L exhaust elbow check it!
« Last post by JEN-et-ROSS on Yesterday at 14:11 »
Not just the Elbow to check........
My brother's boat (Gibsea 372) with Yanmar 30 hp had a partially clogged elbow.
He knew about it and intended to clear it in the near future but was lulled into complacency as the engine ran fine and didn't overheat....

What he failed to appreciate was the small matter of the very hot nature of the cooling water that did get through.
The first sign of trouble was a sudden dramatic increase in engine noise followed by clouds of hot steam and exhaust fumes issuing from the companionway.

I'm afraid his Vetus Muffler couldn't stand the heat and had melted into a sort of brownish blancmange ....c'est la vie...
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Removing Deck Caulking
« Last post by Ziffius on Yesterday at 13:48 »
I am off to Greece early much to do the caulking on my Bav39. Fein Multitalent and caulking blade 4mm on its way out there now. I hope thats the right size for mine. I plan on using TDS SIS440. Some of seams abutting the coach roof are only 2mm - poorly laid teak tecks!! but the rest are 4 or 5mm I think.
we have purchased a 1998 - bavaria ocean 38 - Center cockpit sailboat which just has a manual head and our preference is to install a compost toilet however, due to space limitations (and without a major re-configuration of bathroom) we have decided best option is to add a holding tank.
1.  has anyone installed a holding tank in their  1998 Bavaria  head ?
2. Can you advise make /model used ?
3. Do you have any drawings you’d be willing to share ?

We are presently sailing in the Caribbean and would like to have holding  tank installed over the next couple of months if possible.
Any assistance - info is appreciated
Kind regards
Modifications & Equipment / Re: 2006 BAV39 Seacock Handle
« Last post by Ziffius on Yesterday at 13:40 »
i bought 1 inch Tru Design ones for the water inlets a couple of years ago but they were too small - I thought they must be 1 and a half inch instead but now i am not so sure - the discharge ones are DZR replaced in 2013 and look to be 2 inch size. I will wait till the boat is lifted and the thru hulls removed to confirm the size.
Replying to this old thread to correct some info from my last post to this thread.

During discussion in another thread,2719.0.html I actually measured my propeller using templates and did the calculations with app from

Drums.... Our propeller was actually 18x15. The measurement and calculations resulted on pitch of 14.977 so 15 is quite probable number for the pitch.


s/y Anniina
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