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My 33 has a mast pillar at the end of the table which lines up nicely with the door when it is open. A bungee sail tie looped around one door handle, round the pillar and onto the other door handle works well.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Cruiser 37 2016 - heads ball valves
« Last post by Symphony on Today at 17:17 »
The "5 year life" is a myth - in the sense that there is no reliable evidence that valves fail after a specific period of time, least of all 5 years. Plain brass valves were the norm in continental Europe before the RCD and the only reason for including a minimum life was to indicate that seacocks are service items so should be inspected regularly.  Although plain brass valves can dezincify this is relatively rare even after 10 or 15 years. The key thing is that the main body in not in contact with seawater and the only vulnerable areas are the barbs on the outlet spigot which can have saltwater resting on them and the threads in the through hull if the seal to the hull fails. Even if the spigot does dezincify it will only fail if it is stressed - indeed the test for integrity is to hit it with a hammer.

I believe 2015 boats are fitted with DZR - I queried this when I bought mine new that year and was assured they were. The main cause of failure on ball valves is seizure of the ball or corrosion of the spindle and handle. Regular operation of the valve reduces the chances of this. Marelon valves are not a direct replacement and doubt they would physically fit in the space. Also if the layout of the valves is like my 33 I think fitting Tru Design would be a challenge because of lack of space and the 90 degree bend on the outlet. Anyway other than operating all the valves regularly I don't worry about them at all. On my last boat, built in 2001 I replaced only the outlet at 8 years because it had seized and the spindle broke. No sign of dezincification on either the body or fittings.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Cruiser 37 2016 - heads ball valves
« Last post by GeoffV on Today at 14:05 »
I was thinking of changing the heads outlet and heads inlet ball valves for the Trudesign/Marelon type as the boat is approaching 5 years old next March. (Based on the fact that the standard requirement is for 5 years for brass in the building standards directive).

On inspecting the ball valves yesterday for measuring up I noticed that they both had CR stamped on them.

So, my question is did Bavaria really fit a quality DZR to this boat that I can safely leave alone?
Motor Boats / Re: shore power issue
« Last post by r40 on Today at 11:24 »
hi Salty,

thank you very much for your reply.

Marine electrician came over and checked, shore power, pedestal, cord, are all fine.
the problem seems to be coming from control panel. i'm not able to switch on anything on the 230v page from the control panel

Please let me know
Autopilot: what type of drive do you have? Is it the rotary type in the binnacle or a linear drive in the tiller flat?  Given that the steering is tight or stiff, check that the coupling of the drive to the steering is properly fitted and connected.  If something’s worked loose, it could be giving the sort of problems you’re getting.  Also check the rudder reference unit, as that could be contributing to the grunting or chattering.

Fluxgate compass: good suggestions about lubing the gimbals and making sure there’s no metal in the area.  Before you do take it to bits, check the wiring.  I’ve had similar weird compass readings which I tracked down to some poor connections in the compass wiring.  Remade the connections, ensured that they were well supported and not had any subsequent problems.

Camping Gaz: once you’ve got the reg threads engaged, I pick the assembly up by the regulator and spin the bottle on quickly.  Always releases some gas as it goes home but by spinning the bottle, it gets the job done quickly with minimum leakage.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: VHF aerial and high VSWR
« Last post by Mirror45184 on Today at 09:39 »
To solve the issue of leaking glands for the deck penetration I used some bicycle inner tube over the gland and to the base of the mast. the outlet end hangs down, so water will not normally flow up it!
Modifications & Equipment / Re: Door blockers on the cabin doors...
« Last post by Salty on Yesterday at 23:19 »
We have a setup like that. I hate it. The bungee cord is always in my way. But I don't seem to hate it enough to do something about it 😀

I could move it higher up to get it out of the way, there is a grab rail just above the line of lockers and a screw in hook could be fitted to the upper part of the door.  I understand your point, but the bungee cord hasn't upset me yet, so for the time being I'm happy to leave it. All these things are of course subject always  to personal preference.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Steering has become stiff.
« Last post by Mirror45184 on Yesterday at 22:50 »
Possibly could be the lower rudder bearing. If copper antifoul has been painted to the bearing the aluminium housing will corrode and bubble. This distorts the bearing and causes the stiffness. To diagnose the rudder has to be pulled out and the bearing removed from its housing.
In respect to the Fluxgate compass:
1. check the location of the sensor and make sure that it is not near anything metallic or wiring. About 300 to 500 mm clearance is needed.
2. Go through the vessel and turn items on and off and note if there is any change to the compass.
They can be sensitive things!
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Pressure water leaking under the heads
« Last post by Klausen on Yesterday at 22:23 »
I have a mixer. The holes were certainly in the pipe.
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