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Scuttlebutt / Re: Discussion: Call for donations
« Last post by Ziffius on Today at 01:15 »
Let us know if you need more👍
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Autopilot Clutch blowing fuses
« Last post by Kibo on Yesterday at 22:42 »
Thanks Umu. Mine was the newer version with no grub screws. The body moulding has only been modified to the extent that there are no access holes in the newer body but you can see where the mould has been modified by an outline of the insert fitting

I am going to now order a new clutch from Lewmar and rebuild my old unit as a spare. I think it’s worth it for 500 quid.  I will be in the UK mid April for a while
Scuttlebutt / Re: Discussion: Call for donations
« Last post by Noelio Abrunhosa on Yesterday at 19:47 »
sorry late
but just sent

I have just changed the cooker this weekend for a Dometic moonlight 2. Jackson leisure supliers have stock at £480 Including next day delivery. it fitted exactly in the same space with no adjustment to gimbals. Gas pipe size is 8mm which is the same as original. but i replaced the compression glands. I had to run a 12 volt supply for the ignitor and oven lamp.
now my roast potatoes get browned  from the grill which is very nice. My BOSS even baked some Portuguese biscuits which were lovely.
Now i understand why she has been nagging about the old cooker since i bought the boat.

Happy cooking


Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Compression post too short?
« Last post by Ricd on Yesterday at 16:34 »
Also our yacht is older than yours but only for a few years (1997) and compression post is in the saloon side.
As you can see from attached picture also our door frame is slightly distorted, but the joints between the top part of the frame and the side ones are perfect. Hence I assume the frame has been built that way.
Incidentally though our Selden mast instructions indicates standard tension 15 to 20% our rigger has tuned them at 10% and they appear well tensioned, no slackness at all in the leeward shrouds when sailing upwind with 15-20 knots.
My door frame is also distorted and has been forever and likewise the seams on the bulkhead wooden sections have never moved hence seems to have been like that since build.
Thanks for the pic. Ours is similar except that the door opens inside the cabin and hinges are on the starboard side. I'm going to try to take the frame apart next weekend. Figured that if I push the sides apart with spreader clamp I might have a chance to pull the top and bottom bits out.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Autopilot Clutch blowing fuses
« Last post by umu on Yesterday at 15:36 »
Some additional information on this subject, I just went thru a clutch replacement myself.

There were two generations of the Integra base drive. First generation ending with 111 and the mk2 version 89300136. And then while still using the same part number 89300136 two generations of the clutch - the newest version of the clutch holds the clutch gap by shims instead of a grub screw. This newest version of the clutch was used from around 2014 onwards.
There seemed to be some modifications of the housing between the ..111 and ..136 versions, so not sure if you can use the newer model clutch with the older drive unit.
Lewmar sells them for around 500 GBP plus VAT (if boat is in the EU) plus shipping. Can be ordered right thru their technical support hotline - phone number is on the website.
I also checked the original part supplied to Lewmar by Stephenson Gobin. However it is NOT the complete set as supplied by Lewmar, the anchor plate is modified/an adapter plate added by Lewmar and they also shim the clutch gap. This is all doable but the lead time (Lewmar had it in stock and shipped the same day vs. at least 4 weeks from Stephenson Gobin) and a price difference of around 100 GBP made me go for the Lewmar version.
One more thing - Lewmar supplies the replacement clutch with a cable tie close to the cable exit from the coil. Leave it there, once mounted pull tight until this cable tie is tight to the inside of the housing and add one cable tie on the outside. This is to keep the length of cable on the inside to the appropriate length. If it is too long inside it can be caught by the gear sprockets!

Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: D1-30 Bav39 Filters
« Last post by Odysseus on Yesterday at 13:57 »
My filters arrived for my Volvo 2030 engine. They are manufactured  by Mann.

I purchased,
2 x oil filters
2 x fuel filters
Cost  £21.66

Put parts2 clear into Google or EBay.

There is also a good product called "Barnacle Buster" which dissolves all kinds of scale including, obviously, barnacles...

......haven't need to use it on my saildrive inlet but have used it on my airconditioning seawater cooling system with great effect. Much quicker than vinegar but costs a little more.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Damaged prop
« Last post by Darren on February 17 2019, 20:33 »
I have just removed my prop, cutter and anode from my 2001 34, it has a MD2020D and the saildrive is the 120. The aluminium two bladed prop is marked 16 x 11L and gives a good 6 knots in flat sea.
Hope that helps
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