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A smear of RTV on both sides should do it.
I used this material:
Waited for fuel level to drop, took out the seals, put some of the material on the circumference of the hole and put the seals back, spread a bit more around the seals.

In a recent discussion when I suggested this material (I think the discussion was related to water tanks) someone pointed out that according to specs the material does not adhere to HDPE, however when I looked for a solution I got a specific mail reply from the manufacturer that it will hold, and indeed it does the work (several years till now)
Can you cut some from sheet rubber?
When the diesel tank is full, the 2 spare / blanked fuel extractor lines are leaking slightly around their rubber gaskets. I have tried to find replacement gaskets but can't find a supplier. SVB are out of stock. Anyone got any ideas?   
Modifications & Equipment / Re: Rod kicker spring
« Last post by Irmascherkid on June 18 2019, 14:46 »
Hey Moodymike, unsure of the size that you have but you can get a replacement one to the same size here Im sure that there will be somewhere  in the UK that will have them also.
Modifications & Equipment / Re: MEPS 6kW Installed on a Vision 46
« Last post by SofiaB on June 18 2019, 01:34 »
Why?  Engine running can’t be heard outside of the boat. Leaving the gas dock they ask us to turn on the engine. Can’t run AC on batts!  Those wind turbines is what makes noise, not our main engine!
Scuttlebutt / Re: JOKES
« Last post by Salty on June 17 2019, 17:23 »
December 2019 this is not a joke, but is reported to be a very rare phenomenon

For Sale & Wanted / Raymarine AIS Splitter 100 for sale
« Last post by Salty on June 17 2019, 17:05 »
Raymarine AIS Splitter 100 powered aerial splitter allowing both an AIS transponder and a conventional VHF radio to share the same transmitting and receiving aerial. This will allow you to use your masthead aerial for both instruments with only marginal transmission and receiving losses that are arguably outweighed by using the highest point on your boat and thereby achieving maximum range.
The splitter has been used, but is in excellent condition and was in good working order when last used shortly before it was disconnected.
It comes with both a power cable and a connection cable to your nearby mounted AIS and a power supply, and a fuse and fuse holder.
If you go online you can download the operating and fitting instructions from
New Price today is around £270, but this one is yours for £150
Modifications & Equipment / Re: MEPS 6kW Installed on a Vision 46
« Last post by Yngmar on June 17 2019, 15:39 »
Will run just after dark

Don't anchor near us :-P

I'm really happy with our 600W solar system, which easily covers all of our power needs quietly and the only maintenance is 5 minutes cleaning the panels if it hasn't rained in a few weeks :)
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Calira 418 panel circuit diagram
« Last post by mollysailing on June 17 2019, 14:36 »

you find the circuit digram attached
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