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Bavaria Yacht Help! / BV 44 rigging question
« Last post by elias on Today at 13:29 »
Hi ,
I ve noticed that some 44’ have 3 crosses in the mast and ours 2 , what is the difference ?
Bavaria Yacht Help! / portlights B39Cr 2005
« Last post by mowa on Today at 12:07 »
I have some water ingress in the fixed upper deck portlights, where the arrow signals. This is the place where the water remains more time. Surelly it is the rubber joint that is beginning to deteriorate. It is easy to change? Where to find this part? I am not sure that it is from Lewmar.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: teck teck substructure
« Last post by symphony2 on Today at 07:58 »
It is glued onto the GRP deck moulding. Some are reak strips on a ply base, others are just (thicker) teak strips. I think yours will be the latter). Lifting means the glue has failed.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Battery Problems
« Last post by fjoe on Today at 04:58 »
How old are your service batteries? Ten years or more would be very old and should be replaced.

To find the failure you should measure the voltages at the battery posts:
- When batteries are charged: VRLA-batteries (AGM or Gel) between 14.4 and 14.8 V, flooded batteries (liquid electrolyte) min 14.8 V,
- Disconnect "fully charged" service batteries, wait 7 hours or more, measure the voltage ("open circuit voltage").
If the battery is in a good condition OCV should be around 12.7 V. If on battery is showing around 10V or less then it has a short in one cell.

Is it possible to check the acid level and acid density of each cell? 
The acid level must never be below the min mark.
A fully charged and healthy cell should have around 1.28 g per cm3 (could be a little less by other physical effects)  A cell with short circuit will show around 1 g/cm3.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / teck teck substructure
« Last post by aquapore on Today at 00:26 »
Does any one know that is under the teak deck of my BV 41 2003.

I need some advice.

The teak abutting the cabin roof flexes. I have pulled out some of the calk material between last teak strip the FRP cabin and it is clear from its size and shape that that it extends about 4-6 mm under the teak strip.

So, is there an intended gap under those teak strips abutting the cabin roof or is this a symptom of something more sinister.

Can any one draw me a sketch of the how  the teak is supported on the deck and against the cabin.


Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Battery Problems
« Last post by symphony2 on Yesterday at 19:10 »
If you have a battery charger it should come on automatically when you plug into shorepower unless the installer wired in an on/off switch.

From the way you describe what happens (or rather does not!) suggests you do not have a battery charger. Most chargers make a noise from the fan when they are running so pretty obvious. They are also rather large bits of kit, usually locate in the battery locker or under the chart table. If you have not found it in 10 years, suggests it is not there!

If you do fit one then you need a minimum of 20 amps, although most go for a 25 or 30 for service banks up to around 25 amps. These usually have 3 independent outputs so will charge both the service bank and the engine start battery. Worth fitting a battery monitor at the same time so that you can keep a check on charge and usage.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Saildrive seacock
« Last post by marioxp on Yesterday at 17:41 »
Pls., 2 hose clips in the underwater positions of all hoses!
I will  ;D
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Saildrive seacock
« Last post by kavok on Yesterday at 13:18 »
Pls., 2 hose clips in the underwater positions of all hoses!
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Battery Problems
« Last post by on Yesterday at 12:01 »
Mirabeau is a Bavaria 32 (2002).  I've owned her for over 10 years.  I recently experienced, for the first time, a drain on the service batteries.  I think the batteries drained because I left her for over a week with the drinking water pump switched on, with very little water in the tank.  The battery drain occurred despite being hooked up to shore power.  I've recharged the batteries from the engine alternator.  My questions are embarrassingly entry level.

1. Should I expect the batteries to be recharged from shore power?  Is there a problem if this doesn't happen, or is it normal?
2. If the batteries are drained, shouldn't I expect shore power to power the lights and instruments nonetheless? 

I've been under the impression, ignorantly?, that shore power powered all both AC/DC circuits, and recharged the batteries. 

Not wishing to complicate the above, but a previous owner did fit a battery charger/power pack, which I've only attempted to use once.  I switched it to on, whilst connected to shore power, and tripped the shore power fuse on the pontoon. Any guidance on how to use the charger would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.
Bavaria Yacht Help! / Re: Saildrive seacock
« Last post by symphony2 on September 19 2021, 23:10 »
Sign of slight seawater leakage. Clean it off and perhaps check the tightness of the hose clips.
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